On this episode of the Casandra Properties podcast, CEO, podcast host and published author James Prendamano and Chief Marketing Officer Peter Gambino sit down in the studio with Khari Harper, a self-made entrepreneur, client acquisition specialist and founder of The Real Estate Robot.


Always an Entrepreneur

Khari Harper takes it back to the beginning for the Casandra Properties Podcast audience. When he graduated from high school (less than a decade ago), he wasn’t sure exactly what he was going to do, but he certainly knew the 9-5 life wasn’t appealing to him. Khari shares on this real estate podcast that he quit every job he’s ever had, as they were not fulfilling him. He sold cars, did landscaping, and even delivered pizzas.…

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On this episode of the Casandra Properties podcast, CEO, podcast host and published author James Prendamano sits with Kimberly Marie of Waz Invesments, an accomplished fitness trainer and physical therapist who left her 9-5 to pursue entrepreneurship and become a successful real estate investor in the Indianapolis market.

A Strong, Supportive Mother

Kimberly takes it back to beginning for the Casandra Properties Podcast audience. While she had a grandmother and an uncle who worked in real estate, she didn’t exactly expect to work in real estate herself. As mentioned earlier, she pursued a career in physical fitness and physical therapy. She does, however, say that she always had a strong and supportive mother who believed in her.…

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Long before the first retail apocalypse and the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, commercial real estate brokers have always been on the hunt for interesting and creative opportunities for commercial space. As the professionals in the real estate industry are all well aware, vacant commercial space currently abounds, while the opposite could be said for residential real estate these days -- but no one’s complaining.


Forbes asked our own Casandra Properties CEO, podcast host, and author James Prendamano recently on the situation with vacant commercial real estate. James Prendamano has always been an accurate predictor of market conditions and recovery, having survived the 2008 crisis.


Forbes asked professional real estate brokers how…

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For the last five years, James Prendamano, CEO of Casandra Properties, podcast host and published author, has been telling his clients and anyone who would listen about the decentralization of real estate, not only in New York City, but across all major cities. “We started to see this manifest in the last year or so – when the private sector was pumping billions of dollars into single-family residence acquisitions.” James Prendamano adds that they have also told clients to keep an eye out for local laws coming down the legislative pipeline in major cities. 

Just this week, the Albany Common Council passed Local Law F of 2021, more commonly known as the Good Cause Eviction Law. There are several components of the bill. In Albany, landlords…

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Moving into a new house can be an exciting adventure and a new beginning. However, the process of moving all your belongings and shifting your life to a new place can also be somewhat challenging. There are always ways to overcome the stress you may feel when relocating to a new home. Here are some helpful tips that will make your moving experience less challenging and more rewarding. 

Moving Experience

  1. Plan Everything

The most important thing you will need to keep in mind when moving is that being organized can work miracles. If you plan everything ahead of time and stay organized while following a schedule, your move will be pretty smooth and hassle-free. Start by choosing the correct dates for your move, then plan where everything will go and how…

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Every month, throughout the United States, over a million homes and other buildings are constructed. Every home or building that is constructed starts with a foundation. The foundation forms the basis for the entire home, so what happens when you notice home foundation cracks? 

Foundation Cracks

Home Foundation Cracks

Home foundations cracks are one of the most common issues you may have to face as a homeowner. They are caused by a variety of reasons, but in general, it is due to movement of the ground, or shifting of the soil. Even temperature changes can cause cracks and for the most part, they are quick and easy to repair. 

For the most part, cracks are nothing serious, but they can become serious over time. The continued shifting or splitting of the…

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Hiring A Painter

Choosing paint for our spaces is a complex undertaking, from selecting favorite color schemes to waiting for our dreams to come true. All of our emotions are linked to beautify our spaces in the same way that our imaginations do. 

No one wants to have a miserable time choosing shades or hiring painters at that time.

However, hiring a professional painter is not easy. When hiring a painter, or any expert related to our home décor, we constantly hesitate before trusting any company since it is linked to our hearts and fantasies.

However, before selecting a painting contractor, you must ensure that you employ the right professional for your space job.

You can also make your project more straightforward and understandable by asking a few…

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On this episode of the Casandra Properties podcast, CEO and host James Prendamano along with Operations Manager and Business Coach in-training Rebecca Matulonis, sit with Austin Linney, a business coach, mindset coach, serial entrepreneur and the charismatic host of the Construct Your Life Podcast. Austin emphasizes that he wants people to learn how to get a handle on their lives before they hit rock bottom.


A Rough Start

A Texan native but frequent mover, Austin takes it back to the beginning for the Casandra Properties Podcast audience. To say that Austin Linney keeps it real is an understatement. He opens up candidly at the start of the podcast about his past addiction to drugs and alcohol. Austin admits he was once a…

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If you're looking for storage space to rent, it can be challenging to know where to start. There are many storage spaces available in various sizes and locations, so the first step is figuring out what type of storage space you need. If you have a lot of stuff but don't want a long-term lease, then maybe self-storage is your best option. On the other hand, if you need long-term storage or storage with climate control options, then renting an entire building or facility may be right for you! Here are some tips for finding storage space that works well with your needs!

Warehouse Space To Rent

Find Out What Size of Unit You Need

The storage facility should be able to provide you with information about what size storage space is available. This will help you determine if a…

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Among the various systems in your home, plumbing can give you a cascade of migraines when problems arise. The inconveniences brought about by a lack of water for two straight days, for instance, can be unbearable. Likewise, a blocked or leaking toilet can make your home feel virtually inhabitable, not to mention the amount of damage leaking water can cause. While several plumbing issues can be addressed DIY, some of them are best left to plumbing experts. Let us count together - five plumbing issues you will want to call professional plumbers for.

Plumbing Problems

Plumbing Leaks 

Of all the plumbing, water leaks are undoubtedly the most commonly faced issue. More often than not, repairs can leave a huge dent in your pockets. Leaking pipes, for instance, is no…

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