On this episode of the Casandra Properties podcast, CEO, host, and published author James Prendamano and Operations Manager Rebecca Matulonis speak with their old friend JMan Maneiro. While the Casandra Properties team has been working with JMan for quite some time and this is JMan’s second podcast appearance, it is the first time they’ve all met in person. In fact, that’s sort of the point of the entire podcast: the power of video!


JMan Live in the Podcast Studio


JMan Maneiro is a highly successful real estate speaker and broker who hails from Rochester, New York. JMan’s energy and enthusiasm cannot be contained, and neither can his passion for real estate. On this episode of the Casandra Properties podcast, JMan talks about…

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You’ve decided to sell your home. You’ll get plenty of advice regarding curb appeal. However, you also need to take steps to improve the appearance of the interior of your home if you want it to sell quickly for your asking price. Here is why interior design is essential when listing your home. 

Interior Design


An Inviting Home Attracts Potential Customers 

Is your home decorated in an attractive way? You’ll get more calls for a tour than if it has ugly décor. This increases the odds the home sells. Furthermore, more people will attend an open house to look around an inviting home than tour an empty property. This increases the odds the home will sell and for the price you want. 


A Home They Can Imagine Living In Sells Faster than an Empty One 

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Whether you have a small apartment or just a small living area, there are a number of strategies you can use to make any space look bigger. Here are a few tips on how to make your room look bigger with simple home décor. 

Simple Home Decor


Clean Up 


This is a solution in a surprising number of situations. Clean up the clutter, because it makes any space to feel smaller. Common problems include dirty clothes in piles on the floor, toys scattered around the room, junk on the table and anything that blocks your walkways. Open up walkways, because no one should have to navigate around piles of junk to travel through a room or switch from the couch to the recliner. 


Open Up the Space 


Open up the space between pieces of furniture so that…

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Proper waste disposal is a challenge that most people face daily. Luckily, with the help of selective hauling, you can get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

Similarly, most of these companies own a variety of garbage collection equipment to make the job even more efficient. The best part about hiring this company is that they can haul all your garbage in a single trip. 

This saves you the time and energy you could have wasted with a smaller bin. It also prevents excess emission of Co2 gas, a major environmental pollutant. With that's said let dig deeper on the benefits of using selective hauling from a dumpster rental service in Silver Spring among other things.

Dumpster Services

  • Safe workplace

These haulers provide a safer way of disposing…

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Selling your home by yourself, posting ads on social media, and letting your friends know that you are looking for a buyer may seem a good option at first. However, this may not work well in the long run. Some owners prefer the FSBO or "for sale by owner" method because this is a technique that may save them thousands of dollars. Read more about FSBO on this page here.

After all, the commissions of an agent may range from 5% in a sale. This amount is equal to $12,500 if the house was sold at $250,000. With this size, as a homeowner, you may be asking whether you should still use the help of a realtor and whether their services are worth it. The answer is YES, and here are several reasons why:

Sell a home

1. Realtors Will Not Show FSBO Property

In for…

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There are several ways on how you will be able to earn a decent amount of sum. While some people offer their skills and delve into freelancing, others build their careers by being employed. Some people are bolder though, venturing into real estate. If you are one of them, then below are some of the top ways to help you become good at selling houses.

Selling Houses

Take Courses

One of the primary things that you can do to become excellent in selling houses is to take appropriate courses that will aid you in leveling up your skills. In this case, you can even consider enrolling in a real estate coaching program where you will get to have a good insight on how you will be able to get more listings or close sales on luxury homes to name a few. Overall, you will…

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Thanks to technological innovations over the past several years, the construction industry has become a lot more efficient. Today, one of the best tools available to construction teams is estimating software. There are now construction estimating apps that allow workers to come up with a more accurate picture of every project.

Architect Plans

These apps will help companies attain a streamlined approach to their projects, which is going to help them achieve their construction goals. 

Construction estimating apps are constantly evolving and are getting better at helping construction teams pick customized platforms and task-specific programs to come up with estimates in a manner that is more efficient. 

More companies are starting to see the value…

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On this episode of the Casandra Properties podcast, CEO and host James Prendamano along with Operations Manager Rebecca Matulonis, sit with Joe DiCostanzo, the CEO and principal of Dikaro consulting to discuss POS (Point of Sale) systems and how they can help optimize your business. James opens up the podcast by talking about how Joe has opened up so many dimensions for Casandra Properties and the companies they work with, and has really allowed them to scale in a meaningful way. 

James Prendamano asks Joe DiCostanzo if he was always into technology. Joe says he was not, and this all started from a finance and accounting background. Joe was into math and running things efficiently. He says looking at formulas and understanding the logic behind them…

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On this episode of the Casandra Properties podcast, CEO, host, and published author James Prendamano speaks with Casandra Properties associate broker Brian McGowan and software developer Joe Crescenzi. The three experts in their own right talk about an exciting new real estate software Joe has developed with input from both James and Brian.


Joe Crescenzi and his Passion

Joe Crescenzi is a developer and publisher of software for hundreds of companies across dozens of industries. Joe has been working with computers well before everyone even had a computer in their home. In fact, when he was in high school in the late ‘70s, Joe took a computer class in which they didn’t even have one computer to work on in the classroom. He is…

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Taxes can be a headache most of the time, but they are definitely necessary. It’s a part of every government system, and it’s responsible for the growth and development of a country. Most people focus too much on their personal taxes that they forget that there are other taxes to consider as well.

Pay Your Taxes On Time

Aside from your personal taxes, another important tax that you should focus on paying for is your property taxes. This isn’t just the tax for your home. It’s the tax you pay for each of your real estate properties. Property taxes are often overlooked, but they are every bit as important as other taxes.

Before you see the consequences of not being able to pay your taxes on time, it’s important to understand what property tax is first.

What Is…

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