Did you know that applications for mortgages are at an all-time high? Everyone wants to own their home and at the moment, lenders are rushing to give out mortgages. But do you know how to be successful in your application?

In these days of a huge housing boom, not everyone gets accepted. Read on as we discuss getting a mortgage loan. 

Getting A Mortgage Loan

Clear up Your Credit

When you are applying for a mortgage, the first thing lenders will do is check your credit history. If you have a bad rating, you can say goodbye to the thought of getting a mortgage. However, with a little forward planning, you can make it much more likely. 

Start to clear any debts you already have. If you don't use credit, then get a card and pay it off quickly. This will up your…

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Appraising A Home

Buildings are one of the world’s most common assets. This is not out of place. It is because of the appreciating value of this asset. Most times, real estate appreciates, and this is a source of business investment for most investors. 


Before investors venture into real estate, they always want such real estate to be valued. This is to enable them to know what to expect from their investment. In other words, the property to be invested in must be valued. This is to determine the current price and also future appreciations.


Real estate appraisal can boost the economic well-being of a community. Knowing the condition and value of your property will enable you to know its market worth. There are other reasons why such valuing is…

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Building tenant-landlord relationships can turn out way simpler than most of us believe. It isn’t some herculean activity that one cannot accomplish. 

Similar to developing any other relationship, both parties need to measure the shortcomings and keep going. All you require is understanding the basics and keeping some mindful tips. Also, keeping a few things in mind before renting a home can create stable connections. 

Landlord Tenant Relationship


Benefits of a Healthy Relationship, Right from Renter’s Eyes

1. Allows Confidence and Comfort of Stay: 

Do you exchange cold stares with your landlord? Well, we recommend you sort things out for a better stay. 

A tenant-landlord relation should never go on the bitter track to avoid unnecessary disputes. With a…

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Have you ever hired an HVAC company for your AC repair or maintenance? The expertise of these specialists is always welcome when having an issue with your heating or cooling system. 

The largest part of Virginia Beach residents has problems with clogged drain lines, dirty filters, malfunctioning thermostats, dirty condensation, and evaporator coils, etc. The most reasonable solution in such scenarios is hiring HVAC experts to diagnose the problem and take immediate action. 

These are the main reasons for hiring the help of an HVAC company in Virginia.

HVAC in Virginia Beach

A clogged drain line

One of the reasons to hire a Virginia Beach HVAC company is when having a problem with your AC drain line. The function of these lines is to ensure condensation water…

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If you’ve ever lost your keys or have forgotten to bring them after going outside, you already know how annoying it can be to be locked out of your own house. Once this happens, panic mode starts to kick in and you begin to realize just how serious the problem is. What can you do to get out of this problem?

Need a locksmith

A lot of people immediately search for DIY tips on how they can unlock their door without a key. What they’ll get are a series of hacks and tricks that can either work or do serious damage to your doorknob. It’s not really advisable to do what you see online unless you want to make the problem worse.

In cases like these, it’s often best to call a locksmith. These are professionals who can help unlock your door for you without the extra hassle…

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Hiring a locksmith is something that most people perform at some point in their lives. There are many reasons why you might need their services, like lost keys, being locked outside, emergencies, and so forth. The key is to make the right choice.

There are several reasons to hire a locksmith in Surrey and have peace of mind. It is important to know the different services that they provide. On this link, you can learn about them. As you never know when you might need their help, having an emergency provider available on-call is a better option than trying to repair the lock on your own.

Finding A Locksmith

You've Lost Your Keys


It happens. Whether it is the keys to an apartment, car, or workspace, most people forget them somewhere, or they just fall out…

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Queensland is Australia’s second-largest territory, and also one with an incredibly diverse ecosystem. It’s packed with incredible beaches, coral reefs, forests, farmland, and modern urban cities. Queensland is also home to many critters who aren’t particularly happy about sharing their space with humans. Here are the most common types of pests that you’ll potentially run into in this incredible state. 

Cockroaches Problem


Cockroaches are the ultimate life form. They are everywhere, they are resilient, and they can survive just about anything. Being the diverse territory that it is, Queensland is home to many types of cockroach species, some larger and more persistent than others. Cockroaches are attracted to food left in the open. 

They will scout…

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With more and more people becoming increasingly concerned about general health, the awareness of oral health has increased as well. This is something that is not surprising as we are becoming more aware of how to take care of ourselves. People are willing to spend more on their oral health these days due to its implications on how they socialize. With more disposable income and more money to spend on health services, people are now looking for the best dentist who can help keep their teeth shining and smiles sparkling.

In this article, we’re going to see how you can implement some basic changes to make your dental practice more appealing to potential customers. We’ll also be looking at how you can improve the structure of your dental practice in order…

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Attorney and native Staten Islander James Thomson says he never saw law in his future when he was growing up; he came from a family of firefighters. On this episode of the Casandra Properties podcast, James Thomson tells Casandra Properties’ CEO James Prendamano and Operations Manager Rebecca Matulonis, “I wouldn’t say I found law, but rather law found me.” After I graduated from college, the economy was grim. I was looking for jobs that summer, but there were none to be found. “A few of my friends were taking the LSAT and suggested I do the same,” says Thomson. Needless to say, he did well on the LSAT and entered law school at St. John’s University in Queens. On this episode of Casandra Properties podcast, Business & Real Estate Attorney James…

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Decades of Laughs, Lessons and Deals

CEO of Casandra Properties, Inc. James Prendamano has known John Pitera since high school. On this episode of the Casandra Properties podcast, host and CEO James Prendamano is joined by his longtime friend, business partner and ‘brother,’ John Pitera of Garage Living. They have a lot of laughs and lessons to share in this funny rehash of past deals gone wrong and deals gone right. They have a lot to impart on the lessons they’ve learned and have some big laughs along the way.

Over 25 years ago, Casandra Zappala asked a young John Pitera – Why don’t you have your real estate license? Pitera responded, I don’t sell real estate, laughing. I work in a different business. She said – If you go get your license,…

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