According to a recent survey, over 70% of Americans are currently working from home.

While there are definite advantages to working remotely, like never having to get out of your pajamas, figuring out how to design a home office can be tricky. 

To help you out, we've come up with a few helpful hints to guide you in the right direction. These tips will help you design a workspace that will inspire you to create your best work! 

Working From Home Office

1. Pick the Right Location

Finding the ideal place to set up your at-home office can be tough. If your family is at home during the day, you need to find a secluded space to remove yourself from distractions.

Experts advise that you shouldn’t work in your bedroom as it harms your sleep quality, so where else can…

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On this week’s episode of the Casandra Properties Podcast hosted by CEO James Prendamano, financial expert Sarry Ibrahim dispels myths about life insurance and explains the difference between term and whole options. This value-packed episode is one you will not want to miss. Whether you’re heavily entrenched in the real estate business or not, this episode is for everyone.

After getting his MBA from Keller Management School of Management in Chicago, Sarry Ibrahim started his career at Allstate in the auto and home insurance industry. He was so good at forming relationships with people and understanding their needs, he soon got into health insurance, working for companies like Humana, Cigna, and Medicare. One day a valued client had asked him about…

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A home renovation project can be an adventure. However, it is the kind of adventure that will easily throw you off the rails if you aren’t careful. Many things can go wrong with your project. From exceeding your budget, to hiring the wrong contractor or realizing that you chose the wrong tile color, the entire process can be stressful.


If you plan on starting your home renovation project soon, it is wise to prepare and do your research. Here are eight crucial things that will help complete your project without any regrets.

  1. Plan for Waste Removal

Expect to produce a lot of waste during your home renovation project. You may have your backyard filled with dirt and old materials. Before embarking on the renovation, ensure that you…

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You may be lucky enough to have a bigger area when it comes to outdoor space that it’s time to add furniture to your patio. Read more about building a patio on this page here. You may want a simple setup that’s enough for the family members to gather for dinner on a summer evening. Others may want a more elegant arrangement where the pieces are not only designed for comfort but also for entertaining as well. 

Outdoor Patio Furniture

The transformation of your backyard into a quiet place where you can make a getaway for reading or a fun place for the children to play can be a wise choice in these times of a pandemic. Many families have found out that restrictions have thwarted their travel plans, and they should enjoy the most of what they have at home. 

It’s true…

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Did you know that the average cost of a home in the United States is around $230,000?

Instead of throwing all that money into a new house, why not invest a part of it in the one you have now? That way, you can save money and still enjoy a new and improved living space.

Are you wondering how you can do it? Keep reading to learn about what to consider when choosing a house remodeling service.

House Remodeling Service

1. Determine Your Budget

Before you even start looking at house remodeling service options, it's important to decide on a budget ahead of time. Once you know what you're able and willing to spend, then you'll have a much easier time narrowing down your options.

If you have wiggle room in your budget, then that can be helpful, but it's not worth going…

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Did you know that the global real estate investment market is worth almost $10 trillion?

There's no doubt that there's money to be made in property! It's one of the most lucrative markets in the world and, if done right, you could end up making more than a living from your investments.

But, it isn't an easy business. Property development is a notoriously risky job to take on, and not a world for the inexperienced! Luckily, with some research and advice, you can make it easier.

Find out more about real estate development with these top tips for those looking to get into it. 

Property Development

1. Look at Residential and Commerical Property Development

Residential and commercial property development are two very different things. If you're looking to flip…

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Laser Engraving

A laser engraver is a machine that uses a hot beam from its laser to make inscriptions, designs, and patterns on objects. The objects can be made of any material including glass, wood, plastic, and metal. 

Do you currently live or work in Canada and are considering buying a laser engraver for professional or personal use? Then you need important information on how to choose the best machine for your needs.

In this detailed guide, we explain what a laser engraver is used for and up to 8 factors to consider before you buy a laser engraver in Canada or any other place for that matter. We have also included 6 tips and tricks to note when using an engraving machine.

What is Laser Engraving Used For?

Laser engraving can be done on any kind…

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Are you in the market to rent commercial space for your business? If so, you aren't alone! Although remote work has become more popular during the COVID pandemic, there's no way around the need for commercial space for many businesses worldwide. 

You can't afford to overlook certain things as you find the perfect rental space for your business. Check out our list of five important factors you must consider before you begin renting commercial space!

Renting Commercial Space

1. The True Cost of Renting Property

Before you agree to rent a commercial space, you need to have a clear understanding of the true cost to occupy the property.

While some landlords only collect flat-fee rent from tenants, many also require payment of property taxes, maintenance, and other…

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The real estate industry is intensely competitive and challenging, and it takes a lot of courage, confidence, patience, and talent to launch a successful real estate business in the modern world. Still, many realtors give this venture a try and hope that their company can make a mark on the industry.

Unfortunately, statistics reveal that a huge number of real estate agents and companies will struggle to stay afloat in their first few years, with many forced to cease operations altogether. This is why it takes a lot of preparation and sound strategy in order to start off in the right way.

This guide will therefore take a look at some top tips that can help you get your real estate business off the ground and ready for action in the best ways…

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Derick Van Ness is our esteemed guest on this episode of the Casandra Properties podcast hosted by our CEO of Casandra Properties, James Prendamano. Derick Van Ness Hails is a Financial and Wealth Strategist. Twelve years ago he founded his company, Big Life Financial, based out of Utah. He is passionate about debunking misinformation that surrounds money and financial strategies. Derick emphasizes – “After all, it’s not how much you make. It’s about how much you get to keep.”

Getting into Wealth Strategy

Derick Van Ness grew up in Utah with varied interests and a family background in construction. When he finished school, he knew he had to do one thing – learn how to sell. He knew ever since he was a kid that he wanted to own his own business.…

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