Today’s Special: Rigatoni All’ Amatriciana 

Here’s the history of this classic Roman dish:

According to, Amatriciana is one of Italy’s most-famous pasta dishes, but its original name isn’t amatriciana. It was originally known as griscia, derived from Grisciano, a town near Accumoli, wherein shepherds would toss their pasta was with guanciale (cured pork jowl) and pecorino cheese. The townspeople of nearby Amatrice then added tomato sauce to this practice, which gave a new name to this dish – Amatriciana, which is sometimes simply referred to as ‘Matriciana.

Watch Mario make his version of Rigatoni Amatriciana!

Mario’s Rigatoni All’ Amatriciana 

Ingredients (Gli Ingredienti)

·      1 medium onion

·      1 can…

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Selecting the right driveway gate designs can be quite challenging. You want something that'll match your personality and the style of your home as well. Driveway gates have multiple purposes and benefits. 

They're aesthetically pleasing and provide you with security. Because there are so many different types of gates for your home, you shouldn't just choose the first gate you see or the first type of gate that comes to mind. 

Take a few moments to gather your thoughts and think about what you want most from your driveway gate. Do you want something that'll look awesome? Are you looking for security features? 

Do you want a good mix of both? Answer these questions and then continue reading below. Here is our list of different types of home…

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In 2018 alone, 5.34 million homeowners sold their houses. While it's hard to say how many of them used a realtor for help, evidence strongly suggests that most people hire realtors when buying or selling a home.

If you have plans to buy or sell a house this year, you might be asking yourself, "what does a realtor do?"

To answer this question, continue reading this guide to learn more about what realtors do for buyers and sellers.

What Does A Realtor Do

What Does a Realtor Do? Help People Buy and Sell Homes

The main job of a realtor is to assist people with buying and selling homes.

When a person wants to buy a home, he or she chooses a realtor for help. This realtor becomes the buyer's agent in the transaction. The agent's responsibility is to assist the…

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Most people in New York think that it’s necessary to list the house, hire an agent, wait for a buyer, and pay a commission when selling their homes. The truth is that there’s a much simpler way of doing that. If you’re looking for the best way of selling your house, you’d want to consider professional home buyers. Working with a direct home buyer helps you keep more money in your pocket than you ever would have received by using a real estate agent's services.

Cash home buyers on Long Island and other parts of New York, like the rest of your options, have their good and bad. One advantage of going with them, however, is that they offer more benefits.

Read on to find out how working with professional home buyers in New York works.

Home Buyers In NYC

  1. Home…

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With over 5 million homes sold every year, it can be intimidating to know where to start. 

One of the best ways to start a bidding war and increase the desire for your home is to host an open house.

Keep reading to discover 5 ways to increase traffic to your open house. 

Maximize Curb Appeal

One of the best ways to increase foot traffic is to maximize your home's curb appeal. As much as someone might like the photo of the bathroom that you posted online, if they think the lawn is overgrown and ugly, they'll probably keep driving. 

The lawn should be groomed, the mailbox freshly painted, and the front porch clean. These landscape lighting options can really jazz up a front or back lawn and offer more incentive for buyers. 


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While the holiday has come to be known as the unofficial start to summer and barbecue season, let us not forget its roots and the reverence it deserves. 

It Was Once Known By Another Name

Memorial Day was originally known as Decoration Day, which came from the early tradition of decorating the graves of fallen Civil War soldiers with flowers and flags.

Decoration Day was first widely observed on May 30, 1868 to commemorate those who lost their lives in the Civil War by proclamation of General John A. Logan of the Grand Army of the Republic (an organization of former soldiers and sailors). Logan declared: “Americans should lay flowers and decorate the graves of the war dead whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village and hamlet…

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If you are starting a Shopify store or have had one for some time, you should know that a product-based business can be difficult to scale.

As you grow, order fulfillment needs will grow as well and you'll need to make sure you can meet the needs of your customers.

How can you fulfill all of your orders and meet the other demands your store requires?

With the use of warehouse services, you'll be able to outsource this task and spend your time doing other things for your business. Keep reading to learn more.

Best Warehouse Services For Shopify Store

Why Should You Use Third Party Warehouse Services?

Outsourcing your order warehouse services is a necessary step to grow your Shopify business. You'll be able to get lower shipping rates, lower operating costs, and a larger reach…

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Buying Homes In Summit Valley

The fact is that living of today is fast, that cities are overbooked, and that most of us are used to the everyday hustle and bustle. But it seems that, slowly but surely, people are increasingly 'running away' from the cities.

People who are not business-related to urban areas, seniors who have completed their working lives, but also families who want their children to grow up in healthy environments, are looking for their new homes in smaller towns. On this page, find some tips on how to get used to living in a small town.

The decision of where you will live is not easy to make. Especially moving to a smaller city can be problematic for those who have lived in larger cities so far. But, this kind of life has a vast number of advantages.…

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Few things are as exciting as doing a kitchen remodel, especially if your kitchen is long due for one. Right off the bat, we’ll tell you that kitchen remodeling isn’t as easy as you’d think, and it’s not only the hard, heavy lifting. Everything from picking the right colors, and choosing fixtures and flooring can be overwhelming, to say the least.

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources, including kitchen remodel apps that will make remodeling your kitchen a breeze.  Whether you’re rocking an Android or Apple phone, there are plenty of kitchen remodel apps to help you with your kitchen renovation. All you need is a smartphone and maybe a stable internet connection, and you’re good to go.

In this piece, we’ll highlight eight incredible apps…

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Homeowners spend between $100 and $140 each month on their electricity bill. But what happens when your electricity bill shoots up to over $150 or more? 

It's time to look for energy vampires lurking in your home.

If you're a new homeowner, you may not know what uses the most energy. There's no way to tell for sure which appliances are the culprits based on your power bill. Power companies don't have the resources to supply that kind of information.

That's why we've put together this helpful guide. Use it to track down the energy-draining devices in your household.

Most Energy Used In Home

The Most Likely Energy Offenders

There are four main culprits for extreme energy use. Unfortunately, these are also electronics we rely on to make life easier. 

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