Casandra Properties, Inc. CEO, James Prendamano recently had the opportunity to speak with Brody Viney from the Center of Urban Future. James was one of roughly 25 experts in the small business community that was asked to provide insight and ideas on what can be done to help small businesses survive during this unique economic crisis. As a leader in Staten Island real estate, James presented several suggestions that could help small businesses get back to normal once Coronavirus pandemic is behind us. 

Keep reading to learn more about James' ideas that are featured in the article. 

Provide equal relief for commercial tenants and landlords

First, on the real estate side: the crisis started with bars and restaurants being required to close…

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Residential real estate can be defined as an area developed for people to live on.  As defined by local zoning ordinances, residential real estate cannot be used for commercial or industrial purposes. There are different types of residential real estate.  Read on as we break down each type of property that can be classified as residential.  


Condominiums are usually fee simple transactions. Fee simple is the most absolute form of ownership in dealing with Real Estate or Real Property. Condominiums may be residential, industrial, or commercial. They may be newly constructed or converted from an existing structure of 2 or more units. Condominiums are usually sold as individual units. The remaining property or "common area" is owned…

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Are you ready to join the 36% of Americans who plan to purchase a home in the next few years?

Before you start putting a dream list together, you want to hire a competent realtor.

Do you know the right questions to ask a realtor before you hire them? You can find out everything you need to know by asking these five questions.

Questions To Ask a Realtor Before Hiring Them

1. How Much Experience Do You Have?

The person you want handling your dream home transaction should have years of experience in the industry. 

A veteran realtor will know how to navigate unexpected problems or difficult sellers. You want to know that everything will be processed and sorted without any errors or mistakes.

If a new real estate agent becomes your realtor, make sure an agency broker like Linda Ching…

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The use of compost tea is widely accepted as a pretty beneficial gardening practice. Upon realizing its positive effects on organic plantations, many start-ups and small businesses have started to supply relevant products and services. Among these various ventures, one stands out above the rest: Redbud Soil Co.

Redbud Soil Company dedicates itself to fulfilling the needs of the farming community. They offer a variety of options for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Wondering what suits your needs? Let’s find out!

Compost Tea Brewing Manual

Choosing the Right Compost

Using Actively Aerated Compost Tea or ‘AACT’ is quite a common practice nowadays. It introduces more oxygen which creates anaerobic conditions. This results in optimal microbial activity.

When it…

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Every investment strategy is based on having as many assets as possible. However, these assets must be highly profitable in the short, medium or long term; and, in this sense, investment properties cover all expectations. Do you want to know why they are the smartest way to increase your income? Keep reading and this article will explain the numerous advantages of this type of investment and how they can increase your capital.

Property or Pension Retirement Strategy

What are investment properties?

Investment properties are those that generate income and surplus value to those who acquire them. They are a more effective saving method than bank accounts. This is due to the fact that, over time, the profitability of the property tends to increase without obtaining losses due to…

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To say this has been an atypical week for the US economy would be an understatement of epic proportions.

The Coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly been taking its toll on Americans physically, emotionally, and economically over the last two weeks, especially this past week, with the stock market plunging to levels we have not seen since 2008.

Rob Nixon's Weekly Round Up Casandra Properties

In light of this current crisis, President Trump is currently proposing a $1 trillion dollar coronavirus stimulus package, which will include specific bailouts in many sectors, as well as payments to individual taxpayers. Half is expected to be earmarked for individuals, with the other half designated businesses in “severely distressed sectors.” Additionally, in an effort to lessen the blow of the downturn,…

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Technology In The Real Estate Market

Real Estate Market Technology

We’ve seen a lot of changes in our world over the last few weeks.  From cancelled events to social distancing, our normal day to day activities have all been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are one of the many home sellers/buyers, you may be wondering how this will affect the Staten Island real estate market.  I spoke to Tracey Propora from the Staten Island Advance about the rapidly shifting real estate market and how technology is playing a big role.

I was quoted saying, “Technology is definitely at the forefront. Although that has been a trend we have been talking about for the past few years, there certainly has been an acceleration in the past few weeks. We anticipate many of the tools we are…

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You might wonder what you should expect while hiring a full service moving company. These services can make moving very easy, but only when you know what is going to happen. If you do not know what to expect, you will not be able to prepare for the move correctly.

Full Service Moving Company

1. Supplying Packing Materials 

The first thing to expect from full service movers is a supply of packing materials. Companies offering this service will not require you to have any packing materials available. They will bring the boxes and other materials required to move all of your possessions. 

To determine the materials needed for your move, these movers will require an in-home estimate. To generate an estimate, they will inspect your home and note what needs to be pack.…

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78% of U.S. workers say they are living paycheck to paycheck. When you're a homeowner, it can be especially challenging to stock away savings when you have a mortgage and utility bills to pay.

There are many ways to reduce monthly expenses if you're willing to make some minor sacrifices or do a little detective work to find deals before you make a purchase. Keep reading to learn the top five ways to help decrease your monthly expenses.

Ways To Reduce Monthly Expenses

1. Reduce Your Cable Channels—Or Cut The Cord Completely

When it comes to the types of bills that frustrate U.S. consumers the most, those from cable providers top the list. Cable TV prices are slated to rise this year.

You can cut your monthly cable bill by choosing a reduced channel line-up. Or go the…

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Are you getting ready to build a new home? Are you preparing yourself for the 3-6 month (on average) construction process?

One of the most important things you need to think about when you're building a house is the type of materials you'll use. Read on to learn more about the different home building materials available to you. You'll also gain some insight into which materials you ought to choose to construct your best house.

Home Building Material Real Estate

Popular Home Building Materials

There are lots of different materials one can use when building a house. Here are some of the most popular options:


Brick houses never go out of style. They have a quaint, classic look to them and, as an added bonus, they're extremely durable. Long-standing structures…

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