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A beautiful fountain can transform your garden into a serene oasis. The right fountain for your garden will have a huge effect on the overall look and feel of the space. 

Fountains are relatively easy to install and maintain, but choosing the right fountain design can be difficult. Read on for some fountain design ideas to help you find the best one for your garden. 

Fountain Ideas Casandra Properties

The Best Fountain Design Ideas

Garden fountains come in so many sizes, shapes, and materials, you're sure to find one to fit your style. When picking out a garden fountain, make sure it complements your existing decor and the overall feel of your garden.

You'll also want to make sure the size makes sense. If you have a very small garden, you won't want to have a large, grand

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A penthouse apartment in The Accolade's building located on Bay Street Landing in Staten Island, has been sold for a record breaking $1,820,000.  

The Accolade

Located at 90 Bay Street Landing in the St. George area of Staten Island, this 10 floor building with Manhattan skyline views, was constructed about six years ago on the waterfront.   Residents have the option of a studio, one, two, or three bedroom condos for sale and for rent.  The Staten Island Ferry and Verrazano Bridge are only a 6 minute walk away.  Each unit has its own unique features which include solid wood cabinetry, marble countertops, modern appliances, Bosch washer and dryers, full-length windows, and large walk in closets.  Some of the features that all residents can use

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Plumbing Tips Casandra Properties

Regular maintenance of the water supply system is mandatory throughout the year. However, before every winter, it is advisable to make special preparations for low temperatures, especially if you live in a home. 

Pipes, joints, and fittings are particularly sensitive to low temperatures and are prone to cracking. If physical damage to the installation occurs and is not detected and repaired on time, it can lead to some severe failures. 

On the page below, you can see tips on how to do the water supply check-upon all by yourself: 


During the summer, problems are much easier to solve. In the winter, everything gets complicated because of the cold, frost, and

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The South of France shall enthrall you with its loveliness, different way of life, and diverse backdrop. You can choose whether a lively vacation up in the snowy mountains or rugged hills sounds like the ideal break or shall you instead opt to relax with a wine glass, lazing in the sun by the gleaming crystalline waters of the Mediterranean Sea?  For a really deluxe vacation in France, the South of France presents you this plus much more.

South of France Real Estate Casandra Properties

Villas in France Near A Beach

The assemblage of holiday villas close to the sea and shores comprise a comprehensive collection of family-pleasant coastal holiday residences in the South of France counting regions like; Cote d'Azur, Languedoc Roussillon, Corsica along with Morocco.

Provence is the area to be

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Windows are one of the most fragile components of your home. Since they're located on the exterior of the building, they're at high risk of shattering from personal accidents, extreme weather, or determined burglars.

Was your home's window recently damaged?

You may be wondering if your homeowner's insurance coverage will reimburse you for a repair or replacement. Taking advantage of your policy could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. But like most insurance plans, the extent of your coverage isn't always clearcut.

Will your homeowner's insurance cover the cost to replace a window pane? Here's everything you need to know about determining coverage and filing a claim.

Window Insurance Casandra Properties

Do I Have Homeowner's Insurance Coverage?

Unless you've

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This new listing from Casandra Properties' John Vernazza is a rare 20ft wide attached home located at 816 Sinclair Ave in Staten Island, NY has three bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.  It sits on a 20x97 lot and has a new front window, new master bedroom window, and new concrete out front.  

Video Walkthrough With John Vernazza

Living Room / Dining Room

Living Room 816 Sinclair Ave Casandra Properties

Great entertainment rooms.  There is marble flooring in the living room and dining room.  There is a half bathroom that was recently updated off to the side facing the basement steps.  This home has large rooms which are great for entertaining due to the 20ft width of the property.  Crown moldings and wainscoting compliment these rooms nicely.

Kitchen / Dinette

Kitchen 816 Sinclair Ave Casandra Properties

This newer eat-in

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Thinking of putting your house on the market? If so, your first step should be to find out how much you can get for it.

Other than sale purposes, calculating your home's value has many other benefits. For starters, it gives you a clearer picture of your home's equity and investment strength. This comes in handy in evaluating your financial health.

Not sure how to determine property value? Here are 4 simple ways to make this task as painless as possible.

1. FHFA HPI Calculator

FHFA's house price index calculator is a great way to get a quick home valuation. This tool uses a repeat-sales method. It monitors millions of mortgage transactions, using them to estimate shifts in home prices in any market.

Now, the HPI calculator isn't

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When it comes to your home's curb appeal, its exterior siding can make or break it. If you are trying to sell your home and have chipped vinyl paint, missing bricks, or dirty siding, people will have the wrong impression of your home.

Believe it or not, there are more siding options than you might realize. Keep reading to learn about some of the options you have.

Exterior Sliding Doors Casandra Properties

Brick Siding Options

This siding option gives the home a very traditional look. It is found in many suburbs because it is a go-to option when going for that timeless look.

It's durable which makes it a popular choice and it is also low maintenance. You have options when it comes to the color you prefer and there is no need to refinish or repaint it because of its natural color.

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What better way to make your home feel all the more uniquely yours than by customizing your patio?

In this article, we'll introduce you to five of the hottest patio decor ideas that you can start using today to revamp your outdoor space. Many of the ideas on this list are not only fairly cost-effective but also DIY-able! So you can learn how to build things while you rejuvenate your curb appeal. What a deal!

Patio Decor Ideas Casandra Properties

1. Firepit

Easily one of the best ways to take your patio to the next level is to install a firepit. There's just something that's so inviting about a firepit. Obviously, during the wintertime, the warmth that it gives will be a boon to any time that you spend outdoors.

But even during the summer, lighting the firepit on a chillier

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Every year Casandra Properties does their season of giving.  They have been blessed throughout the years and every year it seems to grow and grow.  This year Casandra Properties Principals have donated over $40,000 to local charities this past year.  Included in that, they have given out thousands of books to children within the community.  They ended the holiday season by handing out gifts to kids in the local area.  

This video highlights the end of the holiday season by the Casandra Properties family giving out gifts on Christmas Day.  

Special Thanks To:

Bishop Dr. Victor Brown and Bishop Laverne Owens-Larkins of Mt. Sinai United Christian Church.

Dr. Demetrius Carolina 

Dennis and Shelley Aprea

Dave Berman

Vic Cipullo

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