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About to buy a home? How exciting!

Keep in mind, however, that it can be a time-consuming process. There are just so many things that you have to do! For starters, you'll want to shop around for a mortgage.

That’s not all, you also want to find a good realtor. After all, they’re the ones who’ll be helping you find your dream home!

Need some tips? How about a house buying checklist? Because that’s what we’ve got for you here!

Keep reading to learn more!

Home Buying Checklist Casandra Properties

A House Buying Checklist For Soon-To-Be Homeowners

The house buying process consists of various steps. Here are some things that you'll want to do:

1. Define Your Budget 

Define your budget before you start looking at houses. Tell your real estate agent the maximum that you’re

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Staten Island residents experience frigid temperatures regularly. The coldest day of the year, January 30, often has temperatures around 28 degrees. Freezing temperatures such as these mean New Yorkers understand the value of a reliable, efficient heating system. 

Staying warm takes money. In fact, the average energy burden for all New Yorkers takes up 3.4 percent of their income. 

Thankfully, you can do something to alleviate the burden. If you own a boiler, you can follow some basic steps on boiler efficiency that will lower your monthly heating bill and extend the life of your boiler. 

Keep reading to learn how a boiler works and how you can make yours run more efficiently. 

Boiler Efficiency Casandra Properties

How Does a Boiler Work?

To understand how to make your

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Are you considering selling your home as is?

If you house isn't in great shape, but you arent in a position to perform extensive repairs, then selling your home as is may be the right option. But knowing how to sell a home that is in need of repair isn't easy.

We are here to help. Read on for 6 top tips for selling your home as is (no matter what condition)!

Selling Your Home Casandra Properties

1. Do a Pre-Listing Inspection

When you sell a home you need to give buyers detailed information about the condition of the house. The best way to ensure you can do this is a pre-listing inspection.

This inspection will find everything that is wrong with the property, making sure you are selling in good faith. It could also inform some cheap but worthwhile renovation work, but we'll

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Hiring the Best Realtors Casandra Properties

When you want to sell or buy a home, you may wonder why you need a real estate agent. You may also wonder what their functions are other than arranging the paperwork and showing you the homes. 

You may believe that the agents are overpaid and do not deliver the value that they would suggest. You should consider that even though they are sitting directly to you while working, it does not mean they are not taking measures to get you the best possible deals. Checkout this link for more information

Below are some of the benefits of using a realtor while purchasing a home.

  1. You work with a professional negotiator

You may avoid working with the agent because their charges are too high as you intend to save

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465 Belfield AveThe Nixon McGowan Team of Casandra Properties is proud to announce their new listing, 465 Belfield Avenue, Staten Island, NY.

This is a well-appointed office for lease in the heart of Annadale, Staten Island. The office space comes complete with a private conference room, private bathroom, and dedicated parking within the buildings lot. There is ample street parking and the property is situated in walking distance to the Annadale Train Station and retail district. Don't miss this opportunity to place your business in a rare office setting on the South Shore of Staten Island. Price includes property tax.


For more information contact the Nixon McGowan Team at 718-816-7799 or or email

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Are you considering buying a fixer upper, making an upfront investment in a brand-new property? Buying a fixer upper can be a risky task by new investors, Ocala Real Estate Broker, Frederick Franks put together a very informative article that you can read to better understand the process of buying a fixer upper.

Ocala Real Estate Casandra Properties

Who can consider a Fixer Upper?

Acquiring a property to make your dream abode is surely on the bucket list of many. A lot of planning, efforts, and money go into the decision. Hence, we are often attracted to discounted deals and bargain buys, especially when it comes to buying a fixer upper. These lucrative deals are hard to resist, and you can also make it an ideal investment. 

Fixer Uppers are for those who can afford to spare the

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Buying your house can seem like a daunting task, especially if it's your first time in the market. You've got to consider your credit, mortgage rates, interest rates, loan types, property taxes, mortgage insurance, closing fees and, well, you get the idea.

It's a lot to think about while you're trying to make perhaps the biggest monetary commitment of your life.

The good news, though, is that by familiarizing yourself with the home buying process ahead of time, you can alleviate a lot of stress and buy your first home with relative ease.

Here's our guide covering the most important steps to homeownership to help you through the process.

Steps to Homeownership Casandra Properties

1. Prepare Financially to Buy a Home

Before you start looking at homes, scheduling movers and booking

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Now that it's getting cold outside, it's time to pay attention to your windows and doors. After all, they are vital for making sure that your home stays warm as the temperature drops.

How can you know when it's time to replace windows and doors? Great question! It's actually easier than you might imagine. The key is to understand a few simple details that will alert you that it might be time to invest in updates.

This article takes a look at tips for deciding the best time to buy replacement windows and doors. Keep reading to see all the details.

Replace Windows and Doors Casandra Properties

1. They Are Drafty

One of the primary ways to assess your windows and doors is to check to see if you can feel a draft. As windows age, the weather stripping will begin to fail, causing your home

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Do you have a business trip coming up and plan to bring your whole team with you? Are you looking for ways to save money but get the most out of your travels?

If so, then you should understand how corporate travel management can help you avoid budget issues in the near and distant future. This process allows you to avoid high expenses while maintaining a professional appearance to stakeholders and potential partners.

With our knowledge of money management, you can help your team achieve your goals while giving yourselves chances to relax and have fun along the way.

Here is your ultimate guide to corporate travel management.

Corporate Housing Casandra Properties

1. Stick with Beneficial Trips

The first factor to focus on as a corporate traveler is what kind of trip will help

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