Marketing is a pivotal part of every business in every industry. Marketing includes the intricate studying of a demographic and identifying ways to communicate with that demographic that allows companies to translate their services or products to those people. So, how do you get the attention of millennials?


Here are a few tips for marketing to the modern millennial:


  1.      Social Media! - At this point we are fully immersed in the digital age. This goes for marketing too. Marketing on social media platforms is a huge undertaking. Companies that devote a significant of time and effort to their online brand awareness experience success in this segment. Social influencers, blogs, recommendations, and reviews all living online today,…

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It has been recently announced that New York City and New York State have secured federal funding for $400 million in federal funds to build the long-awaited seawall on Staten Island’s East Shore.  Total estimated cost of this project is $615 million.  This area was devastated by Superstorm Sandy in 2012.  The New York Times quoted that 24 of the 48 New York City residents killed were on Staten Island.  This new seawall is expected to protect Staten Island’s eastern coast from strong storms like Sandy that could produce dangerous flooding.  Remaining costs not covered by Federal funding will be footed by New York State which will contribute approximately $150 million and New York City which will contribute approximately $65 million.

Expected to…

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74 Arrowood CtJust sold!!! This lovely 1 family town home in Huguenot Staten Island recently sold!

This meticulously maintained townhouse in the Woodbrook Estates offered an open living room, dining room with bathroom on main level, eat in kitchen with  granite countertops and matching granite floors and a total of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Spring time is upon us; it is a great time to market your house! If you are considering selling your home and are in need of assistance in pricing, staging, marketing or any other real estate needs, please give me a call.  

You can reach me at Anthony@CasandraProperties.comor 718.816.7799.                                                


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Meet The Agents is a new series that Casandra Properties will be producing.  These short videos give you a look into who our agents are.  Get to know your favorite real estate agent on Staten Island a little better with these fun videos.  This video is highlighting one of our young, top agents, Brian McGowan.  Watch to see what his worst job was, what his superpower would be if he could have one, if he has any pets, any nicknames he has, and if he has any hidden talents.  More Meet The Agent videos to come on all of our agents soon.  

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HashtagsHash-tagging is a convenient way to see a collection of posts related to a specific topic. This feature is available now on all major platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter). Social media is a big part of the evolving marking concept in many industries including the real estate industry. These platforms can be used as a tool to take a peek into a specific market and how that market is reflected online and through the people who live, work, and spend time there. Just search up the hashtag of a city on Instagram, followed by “real estate." Or for something more specific like multi-families in Staten Island, just search the hashtag with the name of your city followed by a specific topic after. For example, you can search the hashtag…

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Owning to Renting 
While younger people, like Millennials and Gen Z, dominate the rental market, Baby Boomers are encroaching on this territory in 2019. People often go where the job opportunities are therefore places outside and around metropolis cities like New York are hotspots for professionals in the rental market. 


Residential New Construction
While communities are always evolving, right now places like New York City are experiencing a peak in new development. With Google and Amazon announcing plans for campuses in NYC, owners are going to be renovating properties to meet the heightened demand in the residential market. 


Emerging Suburbs
Development of large city suburbs usually starts in their downtown area. In 2019, we’ll see this…

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Casandra Properties RentalDid you know that at Casandra Properties, we offer full rental services? Whether trusting us to represent your rental or finding the perfect apartment for you to call home, we are to help with all of your Staten Island Real Estate needs! Casandra Properties is unique in the sense that we will represent your rental property no differently than if it was a property for sale. We believe your rental is just as important! 


We offer total professionalism from start to finish, and Casandra Properties spares no expense when it comes to advertising your property! From the top search engines such as; Zillow, Trulia, StreetEasy, to Casandra Properties very own website, and let’s not forget about our incredible social media presence, we’ve got you covered!…

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URBY Staten IslandIt all starts in the trenches.  That’s where the dream begins, ideas are birthed, and plans are set in motion. What a proud day it is when $133M refinances are being funded in our backyard on projects we played such a critical role in.  


Today I read with great pride, the article in the Commercial Observer, about the refinance of URBY.  I remember David Barry, from IronState Development, coming to Staten Island to look at multiple sites.  We brokered for NYCEDC for the property that is now URBY. Having been a part of so many transformative deals such as URBY, Empire Outlets, The Accolades, The Pointe, and The View our focus has been on the reshaping of the commercial real estate landscape on the North Shore of Staten Island. 


The second…

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Empire OutletsCasandra Properties is excited to announce that Broome & Greene will be opening their first outlet store at Empire Outlets.  Our CEO, James Prendamano was quoted saying “Broome & Greene covers another best-in-class category bringing quality modern furniture and lighting to the already outstanding lineup of tenants”.


Broome & Greene offers quality modern furniture, lighting & décor.  In addition to the amazing product they offer, Broome & Greene also boasts a free designer on call service.  This free service connects you directly with a designer that will help you design the perfect space within your home.  Not only does this give you the ability to work directly with a designer that intimately knows the product, but can save you thousands of…

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When living in a metropolis like NYC, a weekend getaway is a must every once in a while. Here’s your guide to weekend getaways from the city. New York City is a sweet spot when it comes to weekend getaway options. North, south, east, and west of the city you’ll be able to find your local oasis. 


  1.     Cape Cod, MA - Four to five-hour drive from the city, Cape Cod has been a go-to vacation destination for decades. The vacation spot is known for its food, beautiful beaches, historic sites, and wineries. 
  2.     Lake George, NY - Up in the Adirondacks Mountains lies Lake George, a go-to destination for recreational activities on the lake. 
  3.     Newport, RI - Right on the water, Newport has the essential beautiful coastal beaches but also has a…

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