Empire OutletsCasandra Properties is thrilled to announce that Jockey is the latest retailer to join the outstanding lineup of tenants at Empire Outlets.  “With Sales in the underwear market segment expected to reach nearly $150 billion by 2021, it made perfect sense to ink this deal with Jockey, America’s foremost undergarment brand” said James Prendamano, CEO of Casandra Properties, Inc. 

Jockey is a third-generation family owned company with operations all over the world.  JOCKEY is a registered trademark in over 120 companies. 

Empire Outlets is scheduled to open in April of this year.  Jockey joins retailers such as H&M, Gap, Banana Republic, Nordstrom Rack and Brooks Brothers among many others.  Empire will also feature a world class Food & Beverage…

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  Many people ask me why they should invest in Real Estate. Having been asked this question numerous times throughout my career has spurred me to use this as my next blog topic.


Investing in real estate for many can be daunting. Traditionally people are programed to save their money within banks or place their money in traditional financial products such as 401k’s, IRA’s, Stocks, Mutual funds etc. Many over look the prospect of investing in real estate simply because the lack of knowledge they possess in owning a real estate asset.


Truth be told owning real estate is not only a great investment its also a versatile asset to have in a portfolio that could deliver steady cash flow.  Most times real estate can out perform traditional…

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Working alongside a professional to get you into your next home, or sell your current home, is a must! At times it can be enticing to skip the middle man with hopes of saving some cash. In most states sellers are obligated to pay all broker’s fees associated with the transaction. This means that an individual who is selling their home is not only required to pay their agent that helps them list their home for sale, but also the agent who procures the sale by bringing a buyer to the table. Therefore, it is in homebuyer’s best interest to have a professional work on your behalf to do all the “heavy lifting.”


When it comes to listing your home for sale, the benefits of working with an agent to get your home sold is major. Not only does the agent…

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Real Estate marketing continues to adapt and advance with today's technology. Another cool innovation that Casandra Properties has been able to take to the next level is pre-construction visualization. Traditionally you could sell pre-construction off of blueprints. It's very difficult for the average person to visualize these plans. Selling things pre-construction today is very important to drive numbers and secure for the developer deals that are in place before you move on to the next model. Casandra Properties is able to make these 2D blueprints come to life and generate 3D models. You can now enter into the house, lay out furniture in the exact sizes. Watch as Casandra Properties CEO James Prendamano explains just how important this is for…

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Real Estate Marketing is incredibly important in today's digital age. Marketing in general is rapid changing so here at Casandra Properties we are staying ahead of the curve by continuing to push the bar and add new methods of showcasing properties. In this video, Casandra Properties CEO and real estate expert, James Prendamano, explains how effective Drone Footage is in order to grab someone's attention by changing their perspective.


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There’s no one way to invest in real estate. There are several reasons why anyone who can, should consider investing in real estate. Unlike stocks, and other investment types, the real estate market is less volatile. The market makes regular and predictable rises that can be leveraged to maximize an investor’s return. In general, the housing market always appreciates. Historic patterns in the real estate industry have shown that it is likely that the longer you hold onto a piece of property, the larger your return will be. Uniquely, real estate is also a tangible asset. For example, one can use a multifamily home as an investment method, but since it is a tangible item that is being invested in, it could also be multipurpose as a home for the investor.…

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Lease Agreements 

In commercial real estate, there are several types of lease agreements that landlords can make with tenants. When looking for commercial real estate, it is imperative that tenants understand the terms and structure of the lease agreement. In a net lease, the basic structure usually consists of a base rent amount plus additional costs for typical operational expenses. Typical operational expenses can include property insurance, real estate taxes, maintenance costs, and other expenses. Net leases primarily differ from gross lease in how the rent amount is determined every month. Net lease rent amounts are comprised of multiple costs and expenses that can vary month to month or annually while gross lease agreements call for a…

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39 Willowbrook RdAnnouncing for sale 39 Willowbrook Rd. This well maintained semi-attached house is located in the highly desirable neighborhood of Westerleigh in Staten Island.

This gorgeous neighborhood is exceptional in every way. The classically beautiful and all-American homes found in Westerleigh have helped it build up a reputation of prestige in the area. The community is well-established with an ultra-rich history, and is home to some truly exquisite heritage properties with some dating back to the 1700s.

The three bedroom, three bath home features an open floor plan with a dining room and living room combo area, as well as a eat-in kitchen with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. The kitchen leads out to a 20'x15' deck perfect for outdoor…

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1267 Forest AveJust Listed! Fantastic commercial real estate opportunity to own and operate a hidden gem of a pizzeria in the heart of bustling Port  Richmond located on Forest Ave.  Join National tenants such as; Verizon, Allstate Insurance, CKO Kick Boxing and a Staten Island favorite, Crown Palace Chinese Restaurant.  This location sees continuous traffic throughout the day and provides abundant parking!  Top billing on top of the shopping center marquee. All equipment is in Immaculate Condition!!    Turnkey opportunity!  All this pizzeria needs is an energetic operator to thrive off of the already existing customer base.  Currently a new 5 + 5 year lease and  a brand New Lotto machine installed.

For more information contact Anthony at 718.816.7799 or email…

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Owners of commercial real estate often lease their spaces through one of the various types of net leases. In a net lease, landlords usually charge tenants a lower base, plus additional costs for typical operational expenses of the space. These additional costs can include real estate taxes, insurance, maintenance, janitorial services, management, landscaping, and many other costs. The primary difference between a net lease and a gross lease is that the rent in a net lease can vary based on the associated costs of operating the building, while in a gross lease, the tenant pays a fixed amount every month.  

Triple Net Lease (NNN)

Triple Net Lease

The most common type of net lease is the NNN Lease (Triple Net Lease). In a triple net lease, the tenant is…

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