3087 Richmond Terr is a commercial building available for lease located in the Mariner's Harbor section of Staten Island.  This four story concrete and steel building boasts over 12,000 sq ft of office space within its total of 18,528 sq ft along with over 4,000 sq ft of warehouse space with garage on the first floor.

There are three floors of approximately 4,500 sq ft per floor of office space available sitting on top of first floor warehouse space with garage access.  There is a gated entry on the property which allows for screening of visitors.  This building is equipped with a freight elevator and is easily accessible from route 440 and the Staten Island Expressway sitting just over one mile in between each nearest exit.  

This commercial…

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shaking hands making a dealWhat Is A Good Faith Estimate?

A Good Faith Estimate is an important document used when purchasing a home. Obtained from the lender, this document gives homebuyers a detailed look at the finical obligation they are taking on by accepting the mortgage loan. It outlines all costs and payments that the buyer will be subject to post closing, including: loan fees, advance fees, reserves/escrow charges, title charges, government charges, and all other charges associated with the mortgage loan. The Good Faith Estimate is a valuable tool in the home buying process: it makes it easier to compare and contrast lenders when shopping around for a mortgage. Homebuyers should leverage this tool by requesting a GFE from at least a few different lenders in an effort to…

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Converting garage to living space

Believe it or not, converting your garage space into more livable square footage or an in-law suite is actually one of the worst renovations with a poor return on investment when it comes to resale. Instead, keep the garage and purchase new garage doors. This is a way to improve buyers first impression of your home and often offers a return of over 80%


Sunroom Addition

A sunroom is also considered to be one of the worst home renovations when it comes to return on investment. It can be difficult to get a return that’s above 45%. Like many of these renovations, a sunroom can become quite pricey depending on the extravagance, making it difficult to realize a good return. 

Specialized spaces

Try and…

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Trees and Gazebo in the parkOne of the most charming communities in Staten Island is Westerleigh, bordered by Manor Road to the east; New York State Route 440 to the west, Victory Boulevard to the south, and Forest Avenue to the north.

Westerleigh is a popular real estate destination, especially for people seeking pretty single-family homes, with convenient transit to New York City. But Westerleigh dates back to a bucolic time that focused on agriculture – and Prohibition. Here are some interesting facts:

Westerleigh gets its name from the Westerleigh Collegiate Institute of Staten Island, which once taught children from kindergarten through college.


Westerleigh was once known as Prohibition Park. The community was founded in 1887 by the National Prohibition Campground…

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Multi-family building on Maple Ave41-57 Maple Ave in Staten island is a multi-family residential building offered for sale.  This 14-unit property consists of 13 residential units and one commercial unit.  The three buildings consist of the following:  41 Maple Ave has seven residential units: five (5) one bedroom, one (1) one bedroom and one (1) studio plus one (1) ground floor commercial unit.  The seven residential units are 421a tax abated; 47 and 51 Maple Ave each have three residential units: two (2) three bedroom and one (1) two bedroom.  This brick multi-family apartment complex offers a great investment opportunity. Financials are available upon request.


For more information contact Sonia at 718.816.7799 or email Sonia@CasandraProperties.com.  To view another one of…

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Medical offices and parking lotAttention all medical professionals.  2381 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY a convenient mid-Island location is available for sub-lease. This newly built state-of-the-art medical office features four exam rooms, four offices, lab, bullpen area, storage facility, in-suite ADA rest room, large waiting area and reception.  Zoning permits for any type of professional office.  This commercial/medical office is located in a plaza with ample off-street parking and is accessible to transportation. 

For more information email Sonia@CasandraProperites.comor call 718.816.7799.  To see another of Sonia’s listings click here.

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King's Arm Diner Casandra PropertiesEarlier this week I had the pleasure of speaking with Claire Wilson from the Commercial Observer, to weigh in on Staten Island shopping. Her interest — and, one of my passions — is in brick and mortar stores, real estate where real commerce takes place on Staten Island.  Despite the current national trend of retailers closing stores in malls across the US, Staten Island remains strong opening up new stores Island-wide.


Everybody likes to blame Amazon, but the idea that people aren’t going to shop anymore couldn’t be farther from the truth. As an industry, we failed in delivering an interesting experience to shoppers. We’re bucking that trend on Staten Island.

Shoppers have been paying high tolls to leave the borough and we needed to give them a…

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Here at Casandra Properties, we are asked quite often what is HUD, and what does HUD mean. To answer this with any accuracy, I think it’s important we explore the History of HUD, what does HUD stand for and what does HUD do.

HUD (Housing and Urban Development) was formed and became a cabinet-level position in 1965. Then President Lyndon B. Johnson created the department as part of his Great Society program. Its mission was to focus on urban housing issues.

HUD does several things. It provides rental assistance to several million households across the country. The agency works to address homelessness and build public housing. It also works to provide a bridge for potential homeowners in connecting them to affordable housing. Let’s take a brief look at…

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Hylan Blvd Commercial PropertyFor Sale or Lease, this unique commercial building is currently used as a medical/community facility space.  1492 Hylan Blvd is a bi-level property which is fully ADA compliant with an elevator servicing each floor.  Ample reception areas make it perfect for high traffic office needs.   The proximity to Staten Island University Hospital makes it prime for any type of medical space, community facility or associated use.   The property can be accessed by local and express bus service and is a short walk to SIRR.  The building can be delivered vacant if desired.  The owner is motivated and will listen to all offers.  Current zoning is R3-2 with a C2-1 overlay.

Call Sonia Tomai at 718.816.7799 or email Sonia@CasandraProperties.com.  To view another…

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Close up of door with lock and keyWhile all homes are different, there are a couple of key things that separate buying an older home from buying a newer home. The primary difference is in the physicality of the home. You almost always can tell when a home was built in the mid-1900’s or before just by looking at it. These physical differences include everything from a historical architecture to small imperfections that contribute to the overall ambiance of an old place. They just feel different. 


Older homes often have more imperfections in the way that they were built. You can almost always find small quirks like non-straight lines, slanted floors, crooked walls, or drafty doors and windows. If you look hard enough, you’ll discover these non-level surfaces. This kind of just adds…

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