fast ferry SI

By James Prendamano

If you have driven down Richmond Terrace lately, no doubt you noticed a flurry of construction going on around the St. George Ferry Terminal.  The concrete parking structure for the New York Wheel is quite visible to passersby.  Adjacent to the Richmond County Bank Ballpark the curtain wall continues to be installed as Empire Outlets moves closer to a Grand Opening.  On the…

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bay street si ny

The Department of Small Business Services announced that it has awarded a $1.54 million grant to the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce to help businesses along the Bay Street corridor.  The grant will be used for beautification projects, district-wide marketing, and to organize merchants.

James Prendamano joined the Chamber just over a year ago and has been actively engaged in activities to grow…

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Brian McGowan hotel

By Brian McGowan

Last week it was announced that the old convent on Fort Place in St. George, Staten Island would become a boutique hotel.  In an interview with the Staten Island Advance, local developer George Christo announced that he changed his plans for the project to become an apartment building because it made sense for the community.

My partner Rob Nixon and I have been working with real…

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Verrazano Narrows Bridge SI

By James Prendamano

You may have read the Staten Island Advance recently and noticed the story by reporter Tracey Porpora entitled, “Brooklyn businesses cross the bridge to open on Staten Island.”

The article discussed why many New York City businesses are choosing to leave the other four boroughs and put down roots in Staten Island.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have spent much of the…

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