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Staten Island is called the borough of parks for a reason. Per acre, we have more park space than any of the other four boroughs. That says something about the people of Staten Island, we hold nature in high regard.

Silver Lake Park is one of the great gems of the north shore. Born in 1900, when writer and prominent Staten Island resident, John DeMorgan requested funds from the State Assembly…

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City & State magazine held a cocktail reception this month for the people it considers to be the most influential on Staten Island.  The reception was held in Snug Harbor Cultural Center and was attended by approximately 300 people.

Borough President James Oddo and former Assemblyman Lou Tobacco addressed the crowd.  Also in attendance were Deputy Borough President Ed Burke, former Borough President James Molinaro, former Councilman Vincent Ignizio, former Councilman Fred Cerullo and Commissioner Tom Cocola who were honorees.  Assemblywoman Nicole Maliotakis, Assemblyman Michael Cusick and Councilmember Debi Rose were also on hand.

Said James Prendamano about being chosen an SI Power 50, “I am humbled to have been chosen as one of Staten…

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The Staten Island Advance reported that on December 20, 2016, a new law protecting communities from the blight caused by zombie homes will take effect.

Said James Prendamano, Managing Director of Casandra Properties, “I applaud Governor Cuomo and the legislature for passing “Zombie” legislation and hope the banks and mortgage companies take action to comply.

“In essence, what happens when a bank…

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