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By Brian McGowan

Real Estate is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States and there is no more competitive place for buying and selling real estate than in New York City.

For people who find Manhattan real estate prices out of reach, the outer boroughs are quickly becoming acceptable locations to invest their real estate dollars. Staten Island is no exception – in fact, Staten…

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Rob Nixon Staten Island Commercial Real Estate

By Rob Nixon

When searching for commercial real estate you can find a great return on your investment in Staten Island. Until now, the Staten Island commercial real estate market has been dominated by local developers who understood the potential of New York City’s smallest borough. Thanks to Casandra Properties’ commercial real estate team, off island investors are taking a closer look at Staten…

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pokemon go Staten Island retail leasing

By James Prendamano


Through the ages children have been fascinated by games of hide and seek.  When I was a kid we played “Man Hunt” and we ushered in spring with Easter Egg Hunts.  Most people enjoy solving riddles which is why Pokemon go and scavenger hunts for adults have become so popular.

“Escape Rooms” have been popping up in Las Vegas, California, New York, Florida and South Carolina.  These businesses are made up of various rooms that seem to be ordinary but are in fact a mystery puzzle.  Players gain access by purchasing an admission ticket then they are locked in a room where they must find hidden objects, figure out the clues and solve the puzzles to earn their freedom within a limited time frame (usually 60…

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Staten Island lease

By James Prendamano

For the millions of people living in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx, summer weekends usually entail shelling out thousands of dollars to rent a weekend home in the Hamptons, then sitting in traffic for hours on a Friday afternoon along with the millions of other New York City residents who follow the same summer pattern.

For residents of Staten Island, their exodus…

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