10 Essential Tips on How to Move to Europe

Posted by Casandra Properties on Friday, July 10th, 2020 at 3:35pm.

There are about 800,000 Americans living in the European Union.

Who hasn't fantasized about moving to the Old World? How could you not dream of leaving the US behind for the romantic and historic continent of Europe?

Not so fast. While moving to Europe is possible, it's not as simple as buying a plane ticket.

Let's take a look at ten tips on how to move to Europe.

Moving To Europe Tips

1. You Might Qualify for Citizenship By Descent

There are a number of European countries, like Ireland and Italy, that will grant citizenship by "bloodright descent." This means that if you have a parent, grandparent, great-grandparent, or even great-great-grandparent that was a European citizen, you could be eligible for citizenship.

This is by far the easiest way to become a European citizen, so it's worth looking into your ancestry if you're wondering how to move to Europe permanently.

2. Give Yourself Plenty of Time

A move to Europe from the US will not go smoothly if you leave everything to the last minute. If you don't plan ahead, you could end up dumping a lot of extra stress and expense on your shoulders.

3. Get Rid of Everything You Don't Need

Not to point out the obvious, but this isn't a move where you can throw all your stuff haphazardly in a U-Haul to relocate across town.

When you're moving to a different country, you really only want to take the essentials. If you're having a hard time parting with your things, just sit down and compare the costs of shipping your possessions versus replacing them on the other side of the pond.

4. Get Your Finances and Affairs In Order

A move to Europe comes with a lot of paperwork. Make sure you sort out your bank accounts, taxes, and insurance ahead of time.

5. Consider the Various Costs of Living

The different European countries can vary widely in climate, culture, opportunity, and cost of living. Sit down and do the math on where you can afford to live and where you want to live.

6. Look Into Investing to Receive Permanent Residency or Citizenship

Money can't buy love, but it could buy citizenship in a European country. Nations like Spain, Malta, and Portugal offer residency and citizenship to foreign investors.

Does this idea pique your interest? Check out this guide from Soller Properties on buying property in Spain.

7. Learn the Language

Trust us. Knowing the language will make life a lot easier.

8. Apply for a Visa

You're going to need a work or a student visa for a stay longer than three months. You'll want to get started on this process ASAP.

9. Research, Research, Research

Moving to another country is a huge deal. This is not something to do on a whim. Research every possible aspect of the process and the place before making the move.

10. Visit First Before Moving Permanently

It's easy to just fall in love with a photo on Pinterest, but what does it really feel like in your new prospective home? Take a trip ahead of time to really explore whether the move is right for you.

How to Move to Europe: You Can Do It!

Are you wondering: Should I move to Europe?

You certainly can, but you should know going in that moving to a different country can be a real plan and involve a lot of work and planning.

Did you find this article on how to move to Europe useful? If so, be sure to check out the rest of our blog!

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