10 Amazing Tips for Creating an Updated Living Room You'll Love

Posted by Casandra Properties on Sunday, December 15th, 2019 at 9:21am.

Are you itching to give your living room a makeover? Then, pull out the swatches and strike up the Pinterest boards. There are plenty of ways to present an updated living room without breaking the bank.

We're about to go beyond your typical splashes of paint and venture into all-new terrain. Put on your DIY hat and gear up for a weekend of fun that'll transform your living space for years. Here are our favorite ways to gloss up one of the most important rooms in the home. 

1. Light Up Your Life

Spend an afternoon at your local lighting store and pick out some new fixtures. A chandelier is one of the best ways to transform a space. If you're tired of your old pod lights or (dare we say) track lighting, it's time to turn the focus somewhere else. 

You can go for a nice wrought iron chandelier with cream-colored candle accents. Or, you can go for something more funky and modern. That'll have a lot of glass and geometric designs to it. Either way, hanging a size-appropriate chandelier in your living room is a surefire way to create an instant update. 

2. Send In the Shiplap

Who doesn't love Chip and Joanna Gaines? Well, that beautiful woman all but singlehandedly made shiplap hot again. Nearly every space she touched called for a dose of shiplap (and Chip loved to rile her about it). 

Shiplap creates a beautifully natural appearance and - best of all - it's quite easy to install. If you're feeling farmhouse vibes in your new living space, then shiplap is a great place to start. Add in other natural tones, via green wreaths and plants, and you're well on your way to a gorgeous, serene space. 

3. Consider Crown Molding

If shiplap's not really your thing, then there's another easy-to-install accent to consider. If you have decently-tall ceilings, you can install crown molding. It's the simplest thing (a few planks of horizontal wood) but it speaks to regality and elegance. 

With crisp, white ceilings and crown molding, you can go on to paint your walls any color under the sun and the contrast will be superb, even if you select neutral tones. 

4. Dash In the Greenery

We follow some amazing accounts on Instagram that consider themselves the inhabitants of urban jungles. That is, they (tastefully) cram their living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and other rooms with luscious greenery. 

English Ivy tends to be a favorite. But, really, any healthy, robust, and green potted plant seems to mix in well with little sprouts of ivy and succulents. So, if you're not looking for any major DIY tasks, a simple trip to your local nursery will do the trick. 

5. Hang New Curtains

Are you currently pinning shiplap living rooms? Don't stop there! Once your shiplap is secured, consider a new set of curtains. Even without the shiplap, a new set of curtains (paired with a fresh coat of paint) creates major change. 

It's the same thing as slipping into a new cocktail dress for the evening. Each new garment we put on ourselves (or the walls of our living room) says different things about our style. What would you like your new style to say? 

6. Create a Memory Wall

Have you ever seen a wall lined with framed photos? We love them! They make such a statement. There's actually a bit of a strategy behind it; you don't just want to toss up your beloved photos haphazardly. 

If you have a free afternoon to experiment, you can lay out the perfect plan of attack. Use construction paper to mimic each frame you'd like to display while creating unique angles and spacings.

7. Punch Up Your Pillows

If curtains are our cocktail dresses, then pillows are our bangles. The simple act of spreading a beautiful blanket across the back of the sofa and lining it with colorful, plush pillows creates all the punch you need for a swift makeover.

While you're moseying through the aisles of Target or Home Goods, pick up a few new candles, too. The right pops of color, in conjunction with some dancing flames will invite everyone to wander in for a little while. 

8. Contain the Clutter

If you're about to introduce wonderful new delights like pillows and candles, you'll want to make sure everyone's eased up on the clutter. We know; this is so difficult to do with kids. 

But, while you're out and about, see if you can find an interesting new chest or an ottoman with storage. Containing the clutter to a neat little hiding spot opens up a space and lets in radiant bouts of fresh air. 

9. Reupholster the Sofa

How about changing the centerpiece of the room completely? What if you reupholstered the sofa?

Friends and family wouldn't believe you kept the same sofa if you were able to remove the old fabric, add some new foam and batting, and secure a new fabric that speaks to your new style.

It's a bit more of an undertaking that hanging new curtains, but it might be just the ticket for a slow weekend at home! 

10. Create Air Movement

Sure, we can't imagine a world without central air. But, if you're going to bring in some lovely greenery, why not create some air movement, as well? How about a retro metal fan? The ambient sound coming from a slow-moving summer fan is about as classic as it can get. 

While you're considering your air movement, make sure all your vents are in tip-top shape. Keep them crisp white or even update them with something new like these floor registers. Nothing beats fresh, clean air (perhaps with a flickering candle or two). 

Create an Updated Living Room Today

That's right; you can create an updated living room this very evening. Start planning a memory wall. Play with some new curtain designs. Scroll your favorite online shops for new pops of pillows and plush throw blankets. 

Creating an updated space comes in all shapes and sizes. If you're up for the task of a new chandelier, then go for it!

Here at Casandra Properties, we're your one-stop-shop for Staten Island Real Estate News. We'll help you update your new home or up sticks and find the most fabulous piece of real estate this side of Manhattan. 

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